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Sig P938 Review

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After several months of being on backorder, we finally received our shipment of the Sig Sauer P938's.  Sure we could have waited less time if we had ordered a more basic version in Sig's lineup, but we wanted our P938's to be factory engraved.  They were worth the wait!  These pistols are B E A Utiful!  The blueing is bright and polished.  The engraving, though not deep, is very nicely done and covers the majority of the available space on the slide.

The Rosewood grips are nice, but a bit smooth for combat shooting. File_000 (9) File_001 (8)

I replaced the grips on my pistol with G10 grips from Hogue.  The Hogue grips add a good texture to assist in keeping this pistol in place in my hand while shooting.  *NOTE: the factory Rosewood grips are thicker than the Hogue G10 grips and require longer screws.  Thus, the factory screws were too long for the G10 grips.  Click here to see all the Hogue accessories available for the Sig P938

The P938 comes from Sig with only one 6 round magazine.  We ordered extra 7 round mags, which have the extension for aiding in shooting control.

Additionally, I added a Viridian Reactor Red Laser.  This is my first experience with Viridian.  I typically have always used Crimson Trace Laser Grips.  Viridian makes a nice product.  It was easy to install, and came with an extra set of batteries.  For a few extra dollars, Viridian offers a laser with a rotomolded holster built to fit the P938.  A nice feature of the holster is that you can have the laser turned on, and whenever you holster the pistol, the laser automatically shuts the laser off; and activates it upon drawing. Virdian Red Laser for Sig P938

Shooting the 938 was much more pleasant than I had anticipated.  Having carried a Sig P238 .380 ACP for several years, I expected the 938 to be a handful while shooting.  However, with the increased size of the 938, I really felt as though I had decent control of the pistol.  The mag extension certainly allows for a better "feel" of control. I was pressed for time, and only ran 90 rounds through it today.  It took about 70 rounds for the trigger to "break in".  My first several magazines had rounds about a softball size pattern at 21 feet.  ( I was on the short range we use for close quarters firearms training.  Up close and personal stuff. )  The last 3 mags ran much smoother.

Shooting Winchester White Box 115 grain FMJ, without any real effort, I was able to put 7 rounds into a half dollar sized hole, consistently, with three different mags. Perhaps I had to work out some burrs from manufacturing.  Perhaps I just settled down.

Obviously, I will do some more shooting this week and make any notes on other thoughts that may interest you.

Please any questions you would like us to answer about the P938.

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