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ACQBI, American Close Quarters Battle Institutes, is the training division of USA Sport and Survival. Not only do we sell quality products to our customers, we utilize many of our products in our Personal Defense and Survival Training.

Through ACQBI, we offer training seminars to civilians and professional persons. Each seminar provides good information on your rights and responsibilities for personal defense AND the defense of other people.

As with any situation, we encourage people to make an attempt to DEESCALATE the situation if possible. Unfortunately, not all situations lend themselves to this. For those cases, we offer training.

Currently, we are scheduling:

  • Basic Self Defense seminars focusing on surviving in everyday scenarios; work sites; shopping at malls and other stores, Taken Hostage/Kidnap scenarios.
  • Active Shooter Training (AST) Level 1- This is a 3-4 hour seminar on how to survive in an active shooter situation. Training includes classroom time, and basic personal defense.
  • Active Shooter Training Level 2 - Includes some classroom time, but mostly focuses on moving from an defensive posture to being an offensive threat against an active shooter.
  • Knife Defense Training Levels 1-3 - We offer 3 levels of training for knife defense. All include some class time identifying your lawful responsibilities and rights. Levels 2-3 spend more time on disarming your attacker and surviving a knife attack.
  • Handgun retention and defense - This class focuses on tips of keeping your firearm in YOUR possession during a close combat encounter, and how to disarm an attacker.

If you are interested in attending one of our seminars, please send us an email and we will get you a list of upcoming seminars. You can keep up to date with all of our seminars, training sessions, and other happenings, by subscribing to our newsletter, HERE.

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